As a little girl, I always loved to read!

I devoured books, and was exceedingly happy to read aloud in class when the teacher asked for a volunteer. (Truthfully, I never wanted to stop, but I knew I needed to Share, so…)

From the time we were tiny, my siblings and I sang together in church – and I discovered that not only did I Love to harmonize with my brothers and sister, but I Loved it when the people applauded for us!

I was chosen to play Gretel in a grade-school production of Hansel & Gretel, and that fueled a love of acting that I followed all the way to my Graduate Degree in Drama and beyond.

My twin sister and I invented a Time Machine game when we were very small, because we loved to Pretend and go back in time. We had fun with that well into our teens.

In the 9th grade, I was introduced to Oral Interpretation, and absolutely Loved it. I chose my college not only because I felt the need to pursue a “realistic career” in education (where at least I could still read to the kids), but because they had a great Drama Department and had just built a brand new theatre!

By my senior year of undergrad, I knew that what I really wanted was to pursue Acting. Happily, that worked out!

Love of reading, pretending, harmonizing, Bringing Words to Life —- It makes sense that my path ultimately led to Voiceover.

Voiceover isn’t just “work” to me.  It’s a Passion.  I will take the Heart you put into your written words and infuse them with the wings of Voice.

– Matilda Novak


Matilda’s voice capabilities are only surpassed by her professionalism and sense of urgency.  Because of technology, we can work with any voice professional in the world, we choose to work exclusively with Matilda.

Norman LeClairChief Stewardship Officer, CorbanOne

“We’re a full-service production house, with projects going from concept to completion.  Of the 60 or so voice artists on our roster, Matilda was our #1 go-to voice last year, and the year before that, and the year before that.  Solid, dependable, flexible, a quick turnaround, excellent interpretation, and audio quality that’s always up to spec.  She delivers.  ‘Nuff said.

Bruce BarkerOwner -

Matilda is more than a voice, she’s an actress with fantastic range and depth. While working on an extensive professional development series that outlined Common Core educational standards, she brought a wide range on experiences to the project and provided quality professional results. I highly recommend and plan on using her talents again and again.

Tony VecchioneBig Yellow Taxi

Matilda has helped me out with a number of important and very successful projects! Excellent performances and reliably rapid turnarounds make her one of my ‘GO-TO’ voice actors! Working with Matilda has been a worry free experience and I’ll definitely recommend her for more projects!

Thanks Matilda, for your great work and great attitude!

Bob HolidayMagic Ad

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